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The Chalice Well

Land-deities and Guardians presence themselves as landscape as much they are present upon it. Deity and topography are one and the same; there is no separation in geography's most sacred truth. Drinking the iron rich water at the Chalice Well is to take in the creative essence that gushes freely from the Heartdeep, and as the Heartblood, of these ancient guardians. A flow offered as salve, protection, and catalyst.

These deities reside in and as our personal landscapes too, in our body and psyche, how can they not if we are not separate from nature? These healing chalybeate waters can resolve that imaginary division too.

Hurt and confusion banish shards of being into abstract and disembodied territories; it is here under the protection of the Tor that we can find sanctuary to gather them back in, bring them back home.

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