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Celebrating the Coemergence of Inner and Outer Landscape

Welcome: Welcome

Welcome. I am Dan Leak, a photographer, gardener, and garden designer. I am fascinated and inspired by the correlation  between people and place, inner and outer environment, body and landscape. 
Here you will find my some of my photography and writing and information on any upcoming events I am involved in.


For me, experiencing and creating beauty is a path to re-establishing respect, love and awareness towards the natural life that exists within and without us. 


An aspect of my relationship with my environment is to allow my heart to be moved by the beauty inherent in it, evoking a more sensual and poetic connection to the world.

Through my gardens, photography, and writing, I respectfully challenge, and hope to erode, the conception that our outer and inner worlds are separate. I hope to inspire a deeper looking into our environment, a healing of feelings of alienation, and an awareness of the interconnectedness of all life. This to me is Sanctuary.

No upcoming events at the moment



©2020 The Heart of Place.

"The world and I reciprocate one another. The landscape as I directly experience it is hardly a determinate object; it is an ambiguous realm that responds to my emotions and calls forth feelings from me in turn." 

David Abram

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