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Innocence : Salve for Eye and Heart

'The Fool does not see the world with the disillusioned knowingness of the scientist;

rather he marvels; he looks with the eyes of a child.' - Cecil Collins

Cecil Collins wrote so eloquently about, and painted so beautifully, The Fool. The Fool is any woman or man who strives to enter, to know, the Heart of the world in this era of rampant materialism and deadening nihilism. The Fool is one whose sensitivity is constantly battered whilst walking this realm and yet whose heart knows the courage and tenacity to somehow withstand the barrage. For the Fool's Vision has encountered the golden seam that runs through all experience, the brightness that when glimpsed can no longer be unseen. In that knowing the Fool wanders the world with the courage that allows for her to be 'wounded but not insulted' by it.

Perhaps the Fool garners Courage from the knowing, the seeing, of an Innocence that reflects as the golden seam that runs through experience. An Innocence that lies at the Heart of the co-emergence of her inner and outer world.

The Fool sees Innocence as a freshness, as a new dawn, in every object of her senses.

Moreover it is the knowing of Innocence at her own core that gives the Fool the capacity to know it in all she encounters.

It is as if when Innocence in the perceiver meets Innocence in the perceived that the world rises up to proclaim its Innocence. In this moment, which could be any and every moment, the Fool becomes Sovereign and joy is known once again across the realm; the golden seam is remembered in the world and the world is remembered as golden.

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