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William Blake's Ecology of Perception

'I give you the end of a golden string

Only wind it into a ball

It will lead you in at Heavens gate

Built in Jerusalems wall'

William Blake was a Piper of Perception; a true Prophet. A true Prophet is not one who merely foretells and predicts temporal events but rather one who restores all happening back to Wisdom. Perhaps true prophecy is the contextualising of Appearance as the content of Awareness.

'England! awake! awake! awake! Jerusalem thy sister calls! Why wilt thou sleep the sleep of death, And close her from thy ancient walls?'

Right in the heart of Landscape, and pervading all of it, is a Golden Land. Gold suffuses the Wasteland and the Wasteland is Gold un-recognised. The greatest ecological act is that of Sacred outlook's redemption and re-membering of the world. This is Jerusalem's call; a restorative environmentalism of, by and through perception.

'Thy hills and valleys felt her feet Gently upon their bosoms move: Thy gates beheld sweet Zion’s ways; Then was a time of joy and love.'

The body as Divine geography and the landscape as Divine anatomy. Jerusalem's feet touch the Heart of the Land (as they did in ancient time. 'Ancient time' being that primordial state of affairs before the fall, the bifurcation of awareness and appearance) and She sings sacredness back into the land. Jerusalem's other name is Perceiving.

'And now the time returns again: Our souls exult, and London’s towers Receive the Lamb of God to dwell In England’s green and pleasant bowers.'

As with all Golden Ages, the space and time of their true locating is in the right here and right now of the perceptual act. Jerusalem herself becomes gnosis, Sacred outlook is restored, and the Thames runs gold again.

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